Mechanical Bartenders for Hire

Mechanical Bartenders for Hire

There are a lot of devices designed to make your drink preparations easier.  Instead of enlisting a real person, we consider mechanical bartenders for hire.  It can be a simple device like a liquor bottle pourer, or an advanced cocktail mixer machine to take all the work off your hands.  Depending on your needs, look to enlist some mechanical help for your cocktail making endeavors.

Part-Time Mechanical Bartenders for Hire

Part Time Mechanical Bartenders for hire

A “part-time bartender” helps complete some of the work for you, but there is still be some manual input required.  Instead of buying a complete kit think of this as an a la carte option.  From bar caddys to complete bartender kits, take a look around to see what would help in your situation.  If you prefer to stay hands on, maybe a few simple tools will suffice.  Consider your space limitations as well as your cocktail mixing needs before stocking up on accessories.  For a more full-service experience, look into the “full-time bartenders for hire” option below.

Full-Time Mechanical Bartenders for Hire

Full Time Mechanical Bartenders for hire

This is where SirMixABot steps in.  A mechanical marvel with the ability to analyze your available inventory and produce the best mixed drinks based on your ingredients.  Thousands of combinations are available, and an open source app lets you add more recipes to the list.  If you truly want a “set it and forget it” experience, this is the way to go.  Turning an empty glass into a delicious mixed drink requires just a click of a button.  The cocktail app also tracks preferences and user history, making future orders even easier.