Finding the Right Bar Caddy

Finding the Right Bar Caddy

When you mix drinks and adding ingredients a little organization can go a long way. Having a bar caddy at home helps eliminate a lot of the clutter that comes with the cocktail making territory. There are a ton of options on the market, so examining a couple factors before making a decision helps to lead down the right path.

Bar Caddy Lemon Wedge

What will your bar caddy hold?

This question is answered by another question “what types of cocktails do you typically prepare?” If you are drawn to citrus-focused mixed drinks like margaritas and Mojitos, you’ll be cutting lemons and limes. For this you want something to contain and preserve those fruits. If you’re a Manhattan man or woman then you work with bottles containing liquors and bitters. And if you’re somewhere in-between, or like a variety of drinks, you want something for your fruits, bitters, oilves, sugar, and more. Thinking a little about what ingredients and devices you use will ensure you don’t have wasted space in any bar caddy you put alongside SirMixABot.


Bar Caddy Bar

What form matches your desired function?

If you’ve been to different bars you’ve likely noticed the unique, yet similar, ways they stay organized. The customer doesn’t have access to things like bitters and limes. However, when you spill a drink there should be a napkin to grab, typically found in a restaurant-style caddy. This will be different from what you use at home, since you will have access to more than just straws and napkins.

bottle holderSince determining what types of drinks you’ll make (and “all types” is acceptable), you can narrow down to a product matching those needs. If you’re only additions will be bitters and liquids, a simple bottle holder or rack will suffice. If you are drawn to citrus-based cocktails you will want a multi-compartment condiment holder to contain and preserve those fruits. And for those who wish to use all of the above, you can find a “combination” bar caddy. These have space to both hold and preserve fruits and sugar, and space to hold peelers, mixing utensils, and bottled bitters. Of course, SirMixABot can be customized to hold any/all of these additional items. Your personal tastes dictates how your ultimate automated bar is tailored, so listen to it!