SirMixABot Sixer Robotic Bartender

SirMixABot "Sixer" 6-Bottle Robotic Bartender

The SirMixABot Sixer comes with everything you need to start running your own automated bar, with alcohol and drink "kits" sold and restocked separately.  The bartender comes in the choice of birch or medium density fiberboard (MDF), but can be treated, customized (i.e. engraved) or personalized in other ways upon request.  Please inquire separately regarding any pre-painted or stained wood at additional costs, or interest in metallic or acrylic materials.

SirMixABot ships worldwide, and with a total packing weight close to 25 lbs standard ground shipping is affordable and timely.  Please note pricing does not include shipping and handling, please contact [email protected] for a free shipping estimate.

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