About SirMixABot

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Company story

SirMixABot evolved from a side project into a full-time, full production company after initial feedback from friends and family grew into early users and then into many interested customers.  We’re creating new versions iterating on user experiences and further testing, listening to feedback as we go, always moving forward in the name of delicious drinks!

Elevating Culture in a Simple, Social, Safe Way

SirMixABot is the robotic bartender for the cocktail connoisseur in the home, office, or event spaces.  We have designed and iterated on our product through hundreds of user interactions.  SirMixABot’s features help a group have a great time, make new connections, and stay safe in the process.  Check out our feature listings to see how SirMixABot can enhance your next social event!

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The Evolution of SMAB

We are building the robotic bar the world is ready for

Why people choose us

We listen to feedback, and care about what you want in our product. Help us make the best bartender!