Automated Bartender Alternatives

Automated Bartender Alternatives

The quest for the at-home automated bartender has been alive and well for quite some time.  Whether it’s a homemade contraption, or technology packed robot bar of the future, there are options available.  With different strengths and weaknesses ranging from style to cost, there are a lot of factors to examine.  Fortunately SirMixABot captures many of the best features on the market.  And better yet, it does so at a reasonable cost.  Let’s look at some other creations, and some inspiration sources as well.

Futuristic Finish Automated Bartender: MyFountain XL

automated bartender high techThe first entry on this list certainly fits the part stylistically.  The price tag on the other hand may be beyond most consumer budgets.  Digital Beverage’s MyFountain has a digital touch screen panel mounted on the front of it’s stainless steel drink dispenser.  From the interface you can order your cocktail, control portions, and even check on maintenance requirements and supply levels.

The Device is designed to be mounted on top of a mini-fridge containing your liquors, mixers, and distribution lines.  To the casual cocktail connoisseur design is certainly out of this world.  Unfortunately the unit cost may be as well.  Starting around $2,500 the MyFountain XL is a large investment.  However, for a truly futuristic look and sleek exterior design it is a great option for those looking to impress.

Get ‘Er Done Automated Bartender: Lazy Drinker

On the other end of the fit-and-finish spectrum is the Lazy Drinker.  Advertised as a companion for tailgating and outdoor barbecues, this contraption is appropriately housed in a classic blue and white plastic cooler.  It’s mobility factor and laid back approach make it an underdog you just have to appreciate.  There are some raw elements to the product, but the creators are still working on the kinks.  In a competition between the Lazy Drinker and a human bartender the mechanical mixologist was able to make drinks faster, however the quality of the drinks seemed to suffer.  Still, it could be a great fit for a football game.  Pending fundraising we could be hearing more about this product in the near future.

DIY Automated Bartender: BaR2D2

automated bartender R2D2Online throughout YouTube, forums, and photos there are a ton of creative cocktail contraptions.  BaR2D2 is one that sticks out as both a unique concept and a great execution.  Unfortunately this is a one-off that is not available for purchase.  But the step-by-step build from concept drawings, to drivetrain sourcing, to final assembly is all very inspiring.  Combining Star Wars and mixed drinks is a great formula in our book.  We’re glad to see this mobile barbot recognized in the community.

We designed SirMixABot as an all-around performer, that combines a hands-on, customization design with a polished fit-and-finish suitable for any home or office.  A robot bartender should be able to consistently and precisely mix your favorite drinks, and do so in an entertaining manner.  We believe SirMixABot is the perfect blend of these factors, and with open ears towards future versions and additions, we know we have a great automated bartender for any crafty mixologist.