DIY Liquor Cabinet for your Home

DIY Liquor Cabinet for your Home

A DIY liquor cabinet at home can go a long way in organizing your cocktail making supplies and accessories.  Just like a custom bar in your home, a homemade liquor cabinet can both impress your friends, and increase the efficiency of your mixing space.  Certain preferences and limitations will determine what type of liquor cabinet is best suited for your scenario.  Budget, available space, and availability of materials should all be considered.  Once those are settled, you can begin thinking about the design and overall purpose of your cabinet divided into two major categories.

Concealed DIY Liquor Cabinet Just for you

diy liquor cabinet hidden

One popular style of liquor cabinets is the concealed type.  Hidden compartments have been cool for decades.  And what better thing to hide than your prized alcohol stash.  For this build there likely won’t be kits available to work from, but fortunately most of the foundation can come from another piece of furniture.  From coffee tables to medicine cabinets, almost anything can be turned into a home liquor cabinet with a little ingenuity.

Another bright side to the hidden cabinet is it will likely require a smaller budget.  Because you are starting with a piece of furniture for a base, the enclosure should be well on its way.  For this build the internal shelving and organization will be important.  For design you can add hidden motion sensor LEDs or EL wire to your compartments for a greater “reveal” of your hidden treasure.

Flashy DIY Liquor Cabinet to Show Off

diy liquor cabinet sirmixabot

For a little more up front flash it’s better to start from scratch, or use a kit as a foundation.  SirMixABot is an affordable platform to start from, and with open source programming and easy to work with materials we hope the sky is the limit for your personal home liquor cabinet and bar.  Budget will determine the quality of materials you use, but in all cases it’s easy to dress up your creation.  Building with plywood, birch, or MDF allows surfaces to be engraved or painted with ease.  Metal and glass are a bit harder to manipulate, but if you have the capability, they have an amazing presence.

One popular style for smaller homes and apartments is the wall mounted liquor cabinet. These can be made from scratch, bought in kit form, or purchased fully assembled and ready for hanging.  In all cases, customization will still go a long way to adding extra aesthetic appeal.  Paint, lighting, and even sound effects will make your home liquor cabinet stand out from others.  And of course, the alcohol you stock is important too.